The Farewell ★★★★½

What a heart wrenching and warming movie at the same time. the movie opens with a line "this movie is based on an actual lie". And it is not wrong at all.
This movie is also filled with close-to-home scenes. For example, jabbing another person in family for the choices they made, over a family reunion dinner. Classic Asian thing.

While I watch this movie, I keep thinking about a book I read long time ago.

It is not death that the very old tell me they fear. It is what happens short of death—losing their hearing, their memory, their best friends, their way of life.

In this movie, the grandmother of the family was dying and the rest of the family decided not to tell her because they knew that it is not cancer that will kill her but the fear. That is something, I think, some of us, "kids these days", will struggle to agree with it and accept it. :)

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