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  • Rain Man

    Rain Man


    This movie is an absolute HEADACHE but that didn’t stop me from crying a lot,

  • Design for Living

    Design for Living


    i feel like this was the first movie in a long time that i just like ... really enjoyed??? like i was grinning the whole time and it had me giggling and i was just really invested in it !!! super charismatic characters and a WONDERFULLY unconventional relationship portrayed.

    thank you pre-code hollywood for my rights!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Shakespeare Lives: Richard II

    Shakespeare Lives: Richard II


    David’s filled with slutty, slutty energy in this one,

  • Incredibles 2

    Incredibles 2

    This movie was ridiculously run of the mill. The action wasn’t exciting, the plot twist was obvious from the very first act of the movie, and generally I just felt like I was watching a movie where someone chewed up and spat out a watered-down version of the intensely original first movie. A huge disappointment and not worth the 14 year wait whatsoever.