Tenet ★★★

can anybody please confidently explain the events of this motion picture (not for me of course i’m very perceptive). chris nolan my brother i love you but tenet had no semblance of emotional core, was complex for complexity’s sake and was 50% inaudible— most of what we heard being lumps of exposition between set pieces. the set pieces were admirable & the movie’s highlight but if you’re gonna make a movie that people ‘need to watch again’ to appreciate .... then .... is it ... good lol? complexity ≠ quality. but there were times i found myself really catching on and looking on in awe of what was happening in front of me. i will watch it again bc i really want to like it, but would i feel like this if it was some random unknown’s directorial debut? i have never seen a movie given so much benefit of the doubt ... including from me! inaudibility is an artistic choice now? i just want to hear what’s going on man. and i gather that there will be tenet admirers congregating to mock the intelligence of those who did not think highly of it .... but i loved inception and interstellar and ... most of his other movies.... so
anyway love to be back @ the cinema!

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