A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood ★★½

I feel like the main reason people love this film is nostalgia. Without Hanks’ charming performance and the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood set recreations, there’s basically nothing to separate this from any other generic biopic “based on a true friendship.” 

I cannot stress enough how underutilized Hanks is because the actual protagonist of the film is the equivalent of a bland saltine cracker. The “emotional” scenes between him and his father and wife felt straight off of a CW show, not to mention how unimpressive the entire supporting cast is. 

The transition sequences using miniatures gave me hope that the film would have an interesting style, but aside from those the presentation is all standard and boring. 

I mildly enjoyed a good chunk of Hanks’ scenes and it’s just competent enough to where I wouldn’t necessarily say I disliked it. It’s just really, really average.

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