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  • Little Monsters

    Little Monsters


    There's some really great stuff in here and some also wtf seriously why moments. The premise is good, it's a different way of doing a zombie comedy, just don't need so much swearing around kids, it's not funny or shocking, just lazy writing.

  • Criminal



    A masterclass in how to take the best bits of face off and make it bad. Seriously though when the subtitles say “grunting” for half of Costner’s dialogue you’re just a bit like what. Way too stellar a cast for this.

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  • Alien



    An absolute edge of the seat horror/sci-fi/thriller, totally awesome work by Ridley Scott on this piece.
    The entire crew of the Nostromo are brilliant and realistic in their levels of professionalism aboard the ship, whilst also having completely realistic fear and reaction to the alien aboard.
    The real mark of this film is that there are some iconic moments of cinema, that even if you hadn't watched this before, you would know about, such is the prestige of certain shots…

  • Deadpool



    Ryan Reynolds is so good in this that I can almost forgive him for the Green Lantern. He's perfect for the action and humour required for Deadpool and I love the way it's been shot and edited. It's right up there with Guardians of The Galaxy for comic book humour for me with great bouts of action too, rather refreshing!