Alien ★★★★★

An absolute edge of the seat horror/sci-fi/thriller, totally awesome work by Ridley Scott on this piece.
The entire crew of the Nostromo are brilliant and realistic in their levels of professionalism aboard the ship, whilst also having completely realistic fear and reaction to the alien aboard.
The real mark of this film is that there are some iconic moments of cinema, that even if you hadn't watched this before, you would know about, such is the prestige of certain shots (which I won't spoil just in case you have somehow managed to avoid going into this not knowing what I'm referring to!)
Sigourney Weaver really shines as Ellen Ripley and I'm excited to see what she does in the sequel when I get round to seeing it.
The graphics aboard the ship's comms is the only thing that dates this film, it's still thoroughly enjoyable for an audience 39 years on!

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