Creed ★★★★½

I hold a soft place in my heart for the Rocky franchise anyway but this was simply fantastic, and I seriously hope Ryan Coogler is given the reins once again if this gets the sequel it has definitely justified.

The film focuses far more heavily on the relationship between Michael B Jordan and Sylvester Stallone than anything else, which is how it should be. You don't even really see much of the eventual opponent "Pretty" Ricky Conlan until the final fight, which again ensures the story remains very much about Adonis Johnson/Creed's journey into accepting the footsteps laid out before him by his father.

You can also tell the work put in by Michael B. Jordan to get to the fitness levels required to be convincing, particularly as his final opponent genuinely is a professional boxer in the shape of Tony Bellew who rather ironically lost to a guy called Adonis in one of only two career losses to date (spooky!!!)

This is probably the most convincing acting in the entire franchise by Stallone since the first movie, if not in all of them.

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