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  • All About Me

    All About Me


    This is a biopic thing of a german comedian.
    It works as that, apart from that it works only a bit.
    Some nice shots.
    Sadly, cut quite fast.
    Some nice acting, in particular the mother.
    Sadly, everything seems to be surface level.
    Well, it made me want to listen to the audio book of the actually fully told story.

  • Paris Blues

    Paris Blues


    As the name says, this is paris, this is music, this is life sort of.
    Our glimpse into Paris life is given by the visit of two women in the time span of 12 days.
    Within those days, they get close to two jazz musicians & bar owners, who are the real protagonists.
    So, we have a love story packed into a fish out of water experience packed with the stuggles of mucicians life.
    A lot going on, a lot being…

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    This is pretty fucking awesome.
    You have two people.
    Those are best known for playing a spider man villan and a vampire in Twilight.
    They rule.
    They are on an island, lighthousekeepers.
    They go nuts.
    It is the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time.
    Black and white - works great.
    Nearly square aspect ratio - works great.
    Amazing sound design. The lighthouse sounds should be annoying in theory, but somehow they are magical and wonderful.
    So is…

  • The VelociPastor

    The VelociPastor


    Comedy gold.
    Seeming dumb in such a smart way.
    Wonderfully parodying tropes and cliches while entertaining.
    Also, raptor fights.