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  • Hi Stranger

    Hi Stranger


    Affirmations from a shiny, butt-naked and completely hairless claymation doll you didn't know you needed.

  • Holiday



    This film just goes to show that you can set just about any footage to swing or big band and I will thoroughly enjoy it.

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  • In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones

    In Which Annie Gives It Those Ones


    A made-for-TV Hinglish film set in Delhi College of Architecture in the ‘70s, starring and brilliantly written by Arundhati Roy, with a lovely The Beatles-tribute soundtrack (besides some Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan and The Doors). Also: a couple of very brief appearances by Shahrukh Khan in his first ever role.

    Why have I never heard of this film before?!

    I can not believe this was made almost 30 years back! It still feels fresh today, with its laid-back humour, and gentle…

  • Lemon



    Letterboxd really needs a ‘?’ rating option.