Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War

Well, when I first watched this in theatres I had a lot of thoughts and most were angry. I was upset that they announced a two part infinity war, changed their mind to put it in one, and then they basically still made two avenger movies. It was super frustrating and felt like very blatant cash grab.

Now I don’t like rating any marvel movie cause to me, they’ve created their own realm of film and a lot of the excitement comes from the pay offs and the lore and what not. That said, this was clearly a damn good marvel movie. A fantastic thanos movie and Josh brolin stole the show. I really love josh brolin. And props to the Russo brothers for making everyone fit in this movie and the pacing. As any other fan, I am excited to see the endgame and get some resolution.

But, besides that good stuff, I really hate people who say that this is one of the best movies of all time. Cause it’s not. It’s a lot of spectacle, a lot of payoff, and it’s just the fan base. Like it’s fantastic so many people can come together and enjoy. But the few who blow up smoke and are annoying about their love for the marvel movies makes me wish I had the gauntlet. I miss the time where it was about every 3 years we got the avengers movie cause it felt like we had the time in between to watch these hero’s fight their own battles and then come together to fight. Instead of back to back avenger movies which to me honestly just feel like they’re cashing in as much money as they can. Cause it’s very clear they will fill in the seats. And sell so much merchandise. I wish age of ultron went differently cause who knows where we would be now. And back to how I feel like they’ve created their own genre of movies, because almost all feel the same now. And I guess that’s a good thing to be going for but I’m just so exhausted from it by now.

I wish I didn’t have this much to complain about but I’ve been sitting on it for months now. I wish the fan base would get a reality check. I wish Disney would get a reality check. I wish I would get a reality check because here I am, still watching all these fucking movies.

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