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  • Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows


    I used to be ready to die for this film but now it looks pretty lackluster I don't know what happened, the magic just packed up and left. Endless "here it comes" followed by "wait, that's it?" , the final confrontation is so much shorter than I remembered too, so much has changed in 6 short years, what is time.

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void


    The end of one life leads to the creation of another, an uplifting concept, but at the hands of Gaspar Noé, it becomes a frightening experience, since whatever happens in between becomes an incredibly bad trip induced by a paradoxical mixture of confusion, anger, guilt, and a slight, very slight sense of relief. We tell ourselves the afterlife is supposed to be pleasant yet we have no way to prove it -- a comforting lie, that's what it is; the…

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  • Your Name.

    Your Name.


    It's the feeling of never wanting a dream to end, desperately trying to go back to sleep hoping that your dream would somehow pick up where it had left off.

    But you know very well that it won't. First you'll forget the details. What shirt you were wearing, the exact words you said or wanted to say. Her hand on your palm that felt so tangible just a few seconds ago, reduced to a cold sensation that served as nothing…

  • Interstellar



    (Sorry for this but I just needed to rant.)

    It pains me to see all the hate this film is receiving, but I don't blame any of you though. After all, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But here's a request: stop focusing on the flaws! I mean, come on, does this film really deserve only one star? Sure there's plot holes and too much exposition. But one star? What about the visuals? Practical effects? McConaughey's performance? Hans Zimmer's score?…