2046 ★★★★

The true essence of loneliness is not felt when you're alone, but when you're surrounded by people you can't connect with. No one captures a mood quite like Wong Kar Wai, the narration and the cigarette smoke crawling in slow motion, opening and closing of doors, we are all under his spell, his mercy. Tony Leung, with or without the mustache, is always pleasant to watch. Faye Wong channeled a new level of energy with two different performances. (I Fell in Love with An Android, but That's OK) Maggie Cheung seemed to be centuries away, but her shadow is ever-present. I expected -- wanted -- in the mood for love 2. (or 3. What's the order of this trilogy again?) Turns out Wong Kar Wai's never contented with making the same thing twice. Still awesome.

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