Black Coal, Thin Ice ★★★★

Black Coal, Thin Ice (Actual translation is "Daylight Fireworks". Nevertheless, both are equally good names.) is a film so so so so so so so so beautifully shot, but suffers from a poor pace. At times I find it hard to follow the plot, part of the reason is because of the pacing, but mostly because I often got lost in the breathtaking cinematography. I had to replay a lot of scenes just to admire them again. I mean, look at that poster for christ's sake, what a work of art!

(edit: aw they changed it.)

Before going into Black Coal, I thought it would be a film similar to Joon-Bong Ho's Memories of Murder, turns out it's completely different. It's not even a police procedural film, more like a dark love story, and a great one at that. Did I mention it's incredibly well-shot? Oh yeah I did. Anyway, the camera work is superb. Wait, I'm just repeating myself here. Time to end the review.

Noir-vember Film #15

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