Chinatown ★★★★

A sense of impending doom. A damsel in distress. A young Jack Nicholson. Corruption. Conspiracy. Jazz. Nothing is what it seems.

What started out as an opinion is slowly bordering on fact as I travel down Roman Polanski's filmography: he is a master of every genre. Nicholson is excellent, definitely a great choice, (I heard the script was written with him in mind), his expression in the final scene is not something I would easily forget. Simply heartbreaking.


Venture into Chinatown if you're curious about the things that can happen to a nosy fellow. Hint: it involves a nose. (Get it? because nosy. I have a feeling that the sole reason this film was made is for Polanski to deliver that line; just like how Jurassic Park was made just so we can watch Samuel L. Jackson struggle not to say the word "motherfucker" for 2 hours.)

Noir-vember Film #11

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