Confessions ★★★★★

Houses move and houses speak,
if you take me there you'll get relief.

The ultimate nakashima experience: evil redefined. Starts right off the bat with the first confession, immediately setting up the film's somber and oppressive atmosphere, exposing teen angst in its most rampantly aggresive, most heartless, most murderous form. The entire classroom is a bomb ready to go off -- guilt and frustration mix together like blood and milk, insecurities accummulate and explode up to terrifying proportions, even weaponized at one point. This is an expertly crafted film, steadily jumping between aftermath and causation, feels a lot tidier and more sedated than World of Kanako but does not fall back at all in terms of shock value. If the teacher represents adulthood, I'd like to think this movie as a story about the struggle to reject it, and it is more relatable to me now than ever.

Relief, relief, relief.

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