Day of the Dead ★★★★★

Hoop-Tober Challenge (For Beginners) Film #3

The zombies will stop at nothing for juicy human flesh! And if you get in their way, your Achilles tendon will become their floss!

Day of the Dead is without a doubt the strongest installment in the Trilogy of the Dead. Yes, you heard that right, it's the best one yet. What a gorefest! This marks my first time watching it and needless to say, it will also be my last. There is no way in hell would I want to re-experience the dread this film has cast on me, no fucking way. Never had I encountered a film this intense, this emotionally draining. Oh jesus, mary, and joseph, my head hurts! The climatic ending had sunk its roots deep into my brain, it will stay with me forever, even until my next life.

God bless Tom Savini and George A. Romero for presenting the world such a great, great film. I heard this is the last good film produced by Romero (or some would say its Dawn), well, we will see about that!

Lori Cardille's reaction when those hands burst through the wall? World class.

Oh, also I forgot to mention, if you take away the zombies, the plot of Day of the Dead is basically the same as The Shawshank Redemption.

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