Ex Machina

Ex Machina ★★★★½

The most efficient animal on the planet is the condor, the least efficient animals on the planet are humans. But a human with a bicycle, becomes the most efficient animal. And the right computer (...) would be a bicycle for the mind.

So what would an AI represent? The complete takeover of the mind? The miraculous merging of tool and user? The revolutionary tossing aside of human inefficiency and fragility, the absolute reduction of emotions and empathy to mere utilization for manipulation of the weak? Would you call that evolution? Will there be a critical point in human civilization where we would reach peak world population and start celebrating death? Will we, in the words of detective rust cohle and thomas pynchon, stop reproducing, walk hand-in-hand towards extinction, doomed as dodoes on the island of Mauritius, ill-made to the point of satanic intervention, so ugly as to embody the argument against Godly creation? Yet the dodoes weren't given an option at all, the rifles that destroyed these birds bared only our own fingerprints, and now driven by morbid curiosity we stand at the other end of that barrel poking and plotting with the excuse that it wasn't our decision to begin with, what do you think is going to happen? Why do we act surprised when we are hated by our own creation as if we've never condemned our parents, our ancestors, our Gods for every misfortune that came our way?

So now the first One disappears into the crowd, and the inevitable end commences. (or you can just watch this to witness Oscar Isaac tearing up the dance floor. It's fucking unreal.)

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