Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

Wipe you clean with dirty hands.

Devolve in order to evolve, like turning into a cocoon before emerging as a butterfly. For a naive caterpillar content with its current stage of development, all it takes is that one spark, one catalyst, one ignition that blew all of its possessions to smithereens, IKEA furniture and kitchen utensils returned to the public, and it is free.

Abandon everything that makes you -- you, abandon pain and fear, step away from your cave, choke your power animal. The real poets punch each other underground, real rock stars seek harmony within acts of self-destruction, the real artists vandalize cars parked in the streets. Devolve to evolve, lose your mind to be conscious, terrorize to make peace, destroy to make room for creation. God loves his children and then God abandons his children -- but no way we can understand that without having the barrel of a gun pushed against our heads. Now go eat your cold breakfast.

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