Un Flic ★★★½

The eyes. It's all about the eyes. Alain Delon's blue eyes and Catherine Deneuve's green eyes. Eye contact between characters, between friends, between partners, between enemies. Eye contact with Van Gogh. Robbers communicate with their eyes during heists, look, nod, only a few words uttered. The camera would always follow the movement of the eyes, constantly shifting as characters exchange glances, or stare at each other.

Through Simon's (Richard Crenna) eyes we see that he's a confident robber. Calm and skillful. Through Coleman's (Alain Delon) eyes we see that he's a weary detective, sick and tired of it all.

"No, I don't know him." said Simon. The camera rapidly cut between Simon's and Coleman's eyes. The tension rised exponentially. Throw in two revolvers and we would have a duel. "But he knows you." replied Coleman and we zoomed into his eyes. Having realized that he had fallen into Coleman's trap, Simon left without saying a word.

In the final scene when Coleman was driving and staring ahead, we see sadness. We see grief. Or maybe even regret. Perhaps his colleague was right, he did open fire too fast.

Cue jazz music.

Noir-vember Film #12

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