Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry ★★★★★

Some see this as an insult to cinema, some see this as a clever merging of mediums. For me though, it's totally legit. If you hate the gimmick already the movie does nothing to change your mind, in fact it will only reinforce your opinion. Hardcore Henry is a literal adrenaline injection, it's hilarious, dizzying, and fun as hell, does first person pew pew pews better than a video game ever could. The camera movement is all over the place but the magical thing is: you can always tell what's going on. The musical cues are flawlessly on point and Sharlto Copley is a tremendous joy to watch, both adds a new layer of entertainment onto this splatterfest.

It's a big, messy pile of trash that I wholeheartedly approve.

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