In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

Intimacy without words, rippling through eternity. Walking past each other on the way to buy noodles, made so intense and romantic through Wong Kar Wai's lenses. Such agonizing desire for the unreachable, a want that is so profound. Tony Leung who plays a phantom and Maggie Cheung who floats from hallway to hallway, boxed-in separately by their very own surroundings, using mirror reflections as their only means of communication. Pitiful restrictions, (both rarely appear on screen at the same time and when they do, one is blurred out) this unbreakable wall... built by their own hands? Quizás, quizás, quizás.

LOVE, not the usual term we're familiar with, but Wong's depiction of Love, effervescent below the surface, a silent explosion, refuses --impossible-- to be caged. It permeates the air, across boundaries, seeping into the bed sheets and the curtains, dyeing them red, relentlessly trying to show itself despite the effort to hide it by both our male and female lead. Since when did love become so suffocating? The yearning grows until it becomes uncontrollable. "We are not like them." No, you are not. This is connection on a higher spiritual level, proven by a brief, shy smile from Her, transmitted via reflection, nevertheless genuine, followed by His glance, all performed with impeccable rhythm and sensuality.

A waking reverie, everlasting dream. Timeless, heart-aching classic.

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