Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★½

My head is spinning, my cheeks are red. Sion Sono just gave me the biggest slap of my life.

"Bakayaro! You think you've seen everything." yelled Sono. He proceeded to strip and expose me, grabbed my genitals and dragged me out of my comfort zone.

What laid before my eyes was an entirely new form of art, unlike anything I've ever seen. Behold, the beauty of discomfort, the magnificence of perversion! Ai No Mukidashi!

And I was drooling, so hard, for four fucking hours. I've taken a drug two times more powerful than Miike's. No matter how I see it, the film just doesn't seem to fit into this bland universe. The manic editing, the utterly bizzare plot. But yet here it is, it's real and I'm watching it.

Is Sono a messenger from the future?

If so, I'd like to imagine Love Exposure as the red pill, a portal to whatever world Sono comes from, where all perverts are born equal and no one wears pants. You either go down the rabbit hole, or go back to bed. Choose wisely.

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