Macbeth ★★★★½

You heard it before and you'll hear it again-- Macbeth is the most visually stunning film this year. Justin Kurzel must be a very disciplined director and Adam Arkapaw must be a very talented cinematographer (both, I shamefully admit, am not familiar with before today). From start to finish this film just keeps shooting giant, marvelous eye candies at us, so visually stunning my ears couldn't hear anything other than the sound of diabetes charging for me. Michael Fassbender is slaying his way towards the Oscars and he's not taking any prisoners. Marion Cotillard's monologue is both emotional and gripping, certainly a powerful asset for the film. Macbeth is madness clashing with beauty, blood clashing with dust, sword clashing with sword, an angry person that maintains his composure, a calm thunderstorm.

Hail Macbeth!

Hail Macbeth!

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