Manchester by the Sea ★★★★★

Suffocating, blocking our windpipes with each fleeting moment of uncomfortable silence, causing us to not only be conscious of, but enduring each breathing cycle. The air stagnates, every opening is filled with grief, amplified by the weather that is devastatingly cold -- a constant, chilling reminder for our characters of a tragedy that was never given a chance to fade from memory. Still, I can't seem to pull myself away.

It's very pleasing to watch a person heal from the past, Pixar understands and does it best, but never as vulnerable, as delicate as this. The ocean is so calming, the snow so pure and harmless, but within Lee -- a man rendered incapable of love -- is an invisible turmoil. Suddenly the world is against him, the snow is nothing but nuisance, the ocean is just salt water for his wounds, which makes me long to stay by Lee's side because to turn this movie off is to abandon a depressed friend. I never wanted a story to continue on forever so badly, the end credits came as a severe case of whiplash, now the sky in my world is greyer than it usually is, and I can't beat it.

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