Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★


William Lustig is such a great storyteller, but you know, man, without Tom Savini (who, in fact, middle name is "fucking" )'s magic touch, Maniac Cop easily feels less competent compared to his 1980 effort -- Maniac. Suddenly the camera is too shy and the editing too frantic. It jumps around so fast it's pretty difficult to register what was happening in some scenes, between the jumps the maniac cop somehow disappeared and Tom Atkins' hand got wounded and before any of that can be registered they've already cut to a reaction shot of Tom Atkins, who somehow seemed shocked as if the maniac simply vanished into thin air right before his eyes. Didn't you see him run away? Why not get up and start chasing? There's so many jumps in logic here that the wisest decision is to just give up asking questions and accept that this story takes place in some alternate universe, where serial killers would show up, kill someone, then actually have the courtesy to vanish for awhile so anyone who's around then can have time to react and breathe and maybe take a few sips of oolong tea.

Please know that these are just minor complaints. I actually dig the hell out of this film. We have Bruce Campbell's chin playing as the framed cop and Robert Z'dar's jaw playing as the maniac cop. We have bunch of crazy stunts going on and amid all that someone got drowned in cement. What's not to love?

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