Room ★★★★½

But you're Ma.

The world is your mother's gift to you, a cramped shed injected with a mother's love can grow to become as boundless as the sky; home is where your Ma is. Growing up is realizing that your Ma is not as invincible as you thought, growing up is becoming your mother's strength. Ma can be a dumbo sometimes, no human is perfect after all, but remember the uncountable times she had willingly tolerate your dumbo --rejecting reality, screaming and screaming, not understanding how the world works, not knowing why the earth is spinning so fast yet we're not flung up into space. So here I am worrying myself over Jack's well-being when he's actually the stronger one of the two; speaking of which, Jacob Tremblay is truly, unbelievably amazing, emitting blinding rays of light throughout, or is it that I just haven't been exposed to this level of brilliance since forever?

The littlest things in this film can make me cry, the innocent narration accompanied by sound-effects pwooosh, farewells in such fragile voice, koala hugs, tiny shifts in the eyes' glimmer and particularly that knitted raccoon-face hat, I was struggling to hold in my tears and the dam just instantly collapsed when I saw that lightning bolt of a hat. We don't deserve such pureness.

Remember to hug your mom today.

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