The Dark Knight ★★★★

Nolan handles editing so well but what he can't handle though are fight scenes, and that is where, I've noticed, Snyder surpasses him.

Compared to Affleck pancaking thugs in BvS, all the fight sequences in The Dark Knight looked incredibly fake and unconvincing. They felt more like rehearsals than the final product. Nolan misuses his editing skills and the entire sequence becomes a flaming trainwreck. Bale, or whoever the stuntman is, fights like an amateur, a comedian, a comic book character (har har). There is no flow, he stutters or hesitates before performing his next action, like a stage actor stopping halfway to remember his lines. Car chases though, that's another story.

Maybe I'm just being too sensitive, cause when you watch the same thing over and over again things like this tends to happen. (Forgive me, this is my 6th rewatch of The Dark Knight.) You start focusing on the flaws and let them pull you out of the experience, a subconscious need to destroy something beautiful, perhaps? The urge to kill all the pandas that wouldn't screw to save its species?

Aside from that I've also found a lot more stuff in the film to complain about (like the overacting cops, continuity errors etc.) buuut I'm not going to delve into them because I still love this, I still support Nolan and I have much better things to do... like rewatching The Dark Knight Rises for the 6th time. Ciao.

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