The Guest

The Guest ★★★★★

Did that just happen? What do we have here? Some sort of re-stylized, re-written adaptation of Visitor Q, yes? A History of Violence oozing with 80's synth pop? What the fuck indeed, ma'am. I'm destined to love this. Gloriously heart-stopping and deliciously eerie. Possessing unexplainable amount of charm, some sort of magnetism, a bit of the je ne sais quoi. Hold your breath, folks. The devil Dan Stevens arrives with a smile that stabs. "I am going to kill you." he says and I reply, hey yeah, go ahead, by the way I fucking love you.

My new buddy Adam Wingard over here also made You're Next, I can not wait to watch it and --- AHHH the soundtrack is so good, you guys.

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