The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★

Wake up, work, argue, make love, engage in online discourse, it is ableist to promote reading, who the fuck cares. Crash a party and get away with it because you are hot, sit in front of your computer and write write write, leave something behind -- think pieces, academic journal, creative stories, even tweets, break someone's heart before you die, make art and then defend your art, have kids or don't. You are one of the rare billions of people given life, what do you want from it? And you have to want something from it, or else you're just another walking husk. The search for meaning starts at age one and ends at whenever a tumor decides to turn up, reminds me of a popular joke: Doctor tells his patient he has a terminal illness, patient asks how long do I have left? Doctor says "10.", patient asks "10 what?", doctor says "9." So you better start making hard decisions fast because there is no time to force yourself to study a subject you do not like, work at a job you hate, love someone you no longer love. Cut people off if they stand in your way, if they break your heart, if they refuse to defend your art, people are capable of doing worse things in life to find their own meaning, you will be fine.

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