Yakuza Apocalypse

Yakuza Apocalypse ★★★★★

I'm now willing to admit that I think this is Miike's most chaotic, most evil, most absurd comedic masterpiece. Bald Hayato Ichihara is a great and poweful lead, not only his aura, but his stance alone is just so commanding. Denden is here, Franky is here, Yuki Sakurai is here, fucking Yayan Ruhian is here, this should be enough to convince you to watch the movie if you haven't already. By the final act we have grenades, dynamites, chain guns attached to a truck, a kappa, brain juice gushing out of the ear of a lady yakuza boss, then an intern who was in charge of tidying up the storeroom pulled out a dusty frog mascot costume and asked "Miike sensei, what should I do with this?" and the rest is history. Off the fucking chain, man. I'm beyond excited for First Love.

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