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  • InAPPropriate Comedy

    InAPPropriate Comedy


    Its my birthday today, so I needed a film to celebrate the momentous occasion. Only one film came to mind for me, last year's acclaimed comedy classic 'InAPPropriate Comedy™'. It matched all of the criteria I had: quality over quantity (84 mins long), rip-roaring laughs (well just look at the title) and a star-studded cast (including Oscar™ Winner Adrien Brody in his greatest role since 'The Pianist™' as 'Flirty Harry').

    I was fully hoping to publish a five star review…

  • Boyhood



    Not buying into the critical acclaim which mainly seems to be aimed towards the films scope and ambition. The characters are so ordinary to the point where I would struggle to define them. Thankfully 'Boyhood' does have some touching moments but they don't come often enough. Ultimately the film didn't grab me, in reality it boils down to one big white man's pop culture reference.