• Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    It suffers from the same problems that a lot of MCU movies have,
    the directing and cinematography are bland and lack personality, the color grading looks crap, the hand-to-hand fight scenes are poorly edited and staged, the jokes fall flat and hurt the emotional moments, and there's a huge overuse of CGI that for the most part looks unfinished, yet I can't even blame the VFX artists for this, considering how poorly Marvel treats them.

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    An average blockbuster that gets elevated by its visually creative VFX sequences.

  • Sorority House Massacre II

    Sorority House Massacre II

    It's a silly and very low-budget slasher made by Jim Wynorski, the kills are lame, the characters are dumb and there is no tension because Wynorski seems to be more interested in showing women “attributes”, in shower scenes, undressing scenes, a detective sub-plot that it's just there to show a strip club scene, and for the entire movie the women walk around in lingerie for no reason, there's even a part where they walk outside the house while it's raining, and they immediately come back home just so they get their clothes wet, it's so ridiculous and sleazy that it's kind of funny.

  • Enemy Gold

    Enemy Gold

    Andy Sidaris's son, Christian, he's able to almost perfectly recreate his father's style, but something is missing, I think Andy's movies have that “so bad that is good” charm that this doesn't seem to have, it also feels like the most forgettable movie in the Sidaris-verse, boob implants are quite literally carrying this movie.

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    They grabbed an extremely cheesy 80s movie and somehow made a genuinely tense and emotional sequel. This has been a good year for movies.

  • Blue Collar

    Blue Collar


    Despite the extremely positive reviews, Paul Schrader supposedly disowned this movie, and I can see why, I mean he wrote an interesting script and the 3 actors give all good performances, but his directing feels flat, and it lacks tension.

  • Dog Eat Dog

    Dog Eat Dog


    “Troy: Can you shut this baby up? Where's the thing you put in the fucking baby's mouth? What's it called?
    Mad Dog: Uh, dick?”

    This starts with Willem Dafoe killing a little girl in a house that came out straight out of The Cat in the Hat movie, literally everything in the house is pink for no reason. Dog Eat Dog is sleazy, very stylistic, and ridiculous, plus Nick Cage and Willem Dafoe are perfect for this. It's not a good movie, but it's such an unusual experience, that it's worth watching.

  • Hardcore



    Starts as a Christmas movie, and turns into a nightmare about the dark underworld of porn and sex, even know this was made in the 70s and things have changed, it feels that the dirt never went away, we put too much value in sex to the point of having human beings ruin others lives for their own sexual needs. “Hardcore” has some dark ideas, but it still can pull some weirdly dark comedic moments and have a pretty killer soundtrack, but I wish it pushed more into the horror elements because some scenes could have used more impact.

  • Zero Tolerance

    Zero Tolerance

    It's exactly what you expect from the guy who made the most Rotten movie of all time. Zero Tolerance is boring, it's cheap, and it's extremely lazy, it's not even worth watching for Scott Adkins because he's in this for 10 minutes and only has 1 (awful) fight scene at the end.

  • Wolf Warrior

    Wolf Warrior

    There are some over-the-top and cheese action scenes that are fun to watch, but most of the movie is boring and melodramatic Chinese propaganda of the military.

  • Home Invasion

    Home Invasion

    The entire movie is a shameless ad for home security, but they don't show any brand, so they are just promoting home security in general? Also, in a lot of action movies, there is a big strong alpha male that needs to protect his very innocent and very useless wife and kid(s), but in this, there is no husband, the main protagonist is the woman, does that mean she is the hero? Nope, she is just a helpless victim and the hero is a random guy in the home security outline who tells her everything she has to do.

  • Dead Reckoning

    Dead Reckoning

    The main protagonist of Riverdale is in this movie and nobody gives a shit, lol. Scott Adkins is the only reason to watch this, he's clearly trying to do a more serious role, but he's awful in this, and is not even close to being the worst actor in the movie, because, outside a decent fight scene, it's a very incompetent and cheap-looking “based on true events” movie.