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  • Lost Paradise - Playmates in Hell

    Lost Paradise - Playmates in Hell

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    NOBAR Cine Crib featuring Candra Aditya #1

    Ketika karakter Marcel yang sudah jelas ngelihat temennya ready digolok oleh mamang psikopat, dia hanya berdiri jerit-jerit "Woy anjing, lu mau apain dia?!1!!" kenapa tidak cepat tangkas menendang si mamang misalnya atau bantuin kek mau mati itu?

    Bisa dianggap sebagai simbol, bahwa tidak ada ikatan pertemanan yang kuat antara karakter dia dan si korban. Jika mau digeneralisasi, antara seluruh karakter di film ini selain yha memang tidak ada build-up menarik untuk tiap karakter.

    Favorite lines:
    "Ini dulu bekas benteng VOC kali ya?"
    "Bebiiii, aku mau mandiiiiii (di bangunan yang deket bekas benteng VOC)~

  • Kuleshov Effect

    Kuleshov Effect


    Can someone billionaire please hire a witch and/or an engineer, tell her to cook bring-me-back-to-life potion and ask him to build like-those-movies yet more advanced time machine ... to steal William K. Dickson from Thomas A. Edison?

    Leave the old man and get the shit out from company! Drag Will to watch, I don't know, Suicide Squad perhaps or A Serbian Film?

    These Cinema Founder Dudes Gang shall witness their very own legacy.

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  • Meshes of the Afternoon

    Meshes of the Afternoon


    Wonder if ...
    This short being made for some fashion house campaign, with deadpan look of its models who think they were so special among many runway models and cool. Instead, they actually sole good lookin meh which had no capacity to act nor walk straight in stage, later saying attending 30 fashion shows each season = supermodel.

    Isn't it the cringe?

  • Brink of Life

    Brink of Life


    I am not waiting to finish entire Bergman's works to say this, or might have skipped on my previous schedule. Yes, could say this' premature to add.

    Inga Landgre and Gunnel Lindblom would have been the power couple! I haven't touched a finger on Persona n not like The Silence pulling the tug dynamic. Crisis made me dumbfounded by seeing her naivete upbringing, she jumped off The Seventh Seal then Dreams boom just like that?! Clashes among Bergman's Early-era actors x Best-of-era actors are seemed to be my soft spot so far.