The Mitchells vs. The Machines

The Mitchells vs. The Machines ★★★★

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endlessly endearing. lord miller movies have an unbroken pattern of pushing boundaries using the medium of animation; it was hard to imagine that a movie could exemplify that more than into the spider-verse, but this one finds a way, and without a more direct style to draw upon like that of comic books. the fact that this film manages to find its own unique beautiful style as an animated film already deserves props, but they went ahead and made it an overall great film regardless.

referential humor was a bit miss, but that's to be expected when you tackle internet culture as recent as this does with a team of millennials at the youngest. so as expected the more universal technical aspects are really well done and the meme/internet culture part is... lagged about 5 years. but that's okay for me! otherwise, i thought it was hilarious and heartwarming.

lauding lord miller solely would be just offensive, and i really appreciate the family based tribute to the giant-ass team of artists and producers at the end, which is a sweet touch topping the pebble pile of millions of sweet details densely packed into one masterfully made family film. it's insane what a movie like this could accomplish both visually and thematically. animation is a gift.

"portrait of an idiot on fire"

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