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  • It



    Absolutely terrifying and endearing. I love the Losers. Bill Skarsgaard is massively unsettling as Pennywise. Beautifully shot even when we're seeing nightmares come to life. The Practical and CG effects blend really well. 

    I don't care about Chapter 2 right now. Chapter 1 was great and I want to enjoy because it gets everything right about telling a complete story within a larger narrative with room to grow. 

    Andy Muschietti nailed it. Props to him.

  • Bodied



    Joseph Kahn's latest feature is filled with both laugh-out-loud hilarious moments and intense in-your-face questions about the boundaries of free speech. Featuring the slick camerawork Kahn's music videos are known for with a script by actual battle rapper and Toronto-native Kid Twist, Bodied is the perfect TIFF Midnight Madness opener. Kahn self-financed this film, so Keep an eye out for a VOD or streaming deal a la Hardcore Henry, another TIFF Midnight Madness film.

  • Brigsby Bear

    Brigsby Bear


    As a filmmaker, this movie hit me hard. As a child of parents who weren't in artistic fields, this floored me. Kyle Mooney is pitch perfect in the lead role of James, who was kidnapped as a baby and raised on media diet of Brigsby Bear, the interdimensional hero who never gives up. The film introduces us to James a tv-obsessed mid-20s kid living in isolation with his parents in an underground desert bunker. It isn't long however before the…

  • Wind River

    Wind River


    As far as writers-turned-directors, Taylor Sheridan proves to be one of the best.