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  • This Is Paris

    This Is Paris


    Ok, now we know that Paris has a personal, very secretive and hidden side to the exaggerated public persona and exalted social media figure she sold us for the last 20 years. And $he $old u$ well because she made a fortune in doing so. Her real voice is very low, she is a tomboy, has severe trust issues and is supposedly brilliant (says mama Kathy). She sounds almost human. This documentary wants us to believe all that and so…

  • Emma.



    What a blast. I am not one to be amused easily or even amused at all but this was such a blast. I might have even laughed FOUR (4!) times. The concept of marriage was highly beneficial and important for any high born young lady during Jane Austen's time. We are talking about 18th century here therefore not really relatable to our way of living but nonetheless I found myself constantly cheering for the characters and wanting them to end…

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  • The Physician

    The Physician


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Lightly based on the novel, overlong with a few good moments and shots but still - a very boring experience. Be prepared to see some not so tasty things since he is on his way to become a physician - and we are talking here about horrific healing practices from the middle ages.

    Also the white western catholic male invades the arabic world, preforms his own circumcision, seduces a jewish virgin and becomes the Shah's favourie pet and the center of a religious rebellion. Sounds familiar? Anyhow - nothing like The Avatar!

  • La Collectionneuse

    La Collectionneuse


    About a love triangle yet not so famous as Truffauts "Jules et Jim". The girl is easy and the men obsess about that very same fact. Effectively "La collectionneuse" is about not getting the girl and not getting laid but constantly talking about it. Another Eric Rohmer, another dialogue-heavy film about moral, power and friendship, with some love somewhere hidden. The more Rohmer I get to see the more I understand french cinema in general. Especially the last 30 years of it.