Blue Jasmine ★★½

One of the main reasons why I don't like Woody Allen's most recent film is the plot within. Jasmine is so anti-feminist as you can image anyone being. Well, I know, that's just the way he portraits one woman and so on. The thing is: I don't buy it. Another problem is, Jasmine's character and therefore Blanchett's acting is so different from any other character/acting in this film, that it simply doesn't fit in.

I thought that Sally Hawkins and all the other co-stars did their jobs pretty well. Considering they understood Blue Jasmine as a comedy with some dramatic elements in it. Which Cate didin't but I guess that's what Allen wanted her to understand and act accordingly. She was awesome, of course but everything was just too much. I gave it a second try and this is not one of my favourite Allen movies.