Casablanca ★★★★★

Classic Films Seen in Cinema (It's growing alright)

What is there even left to say about Casablanca?It's probably my definition of a flawless studio film,the rare type of work where even the most insignificant crew member executed his job to Perfection.While Bogart and Bergman set the entire screen on fire every time their glances meet,it's worth noting that there are at least 6other side character personas that manage to leave an impression.Having being shot almost entirely on one set,the film almost feels theatrical at times which actually ends up working in its favor.The cinematography is also some of the finest you'll come across.

It's also my definition of an unremakable film.Aside from the technical aspects,there is something special about knowing this was made at a time where Paris being liberated seemed like a faraway dream.Even certain lines like the iconic "Beggining of a Beautiful Friendship" only work in context of the time,what with Bogart representing the,up to this point neutral,US finally joining the Allies and the French resistance.It's like these characters only exist in a vaccum in 1942 Casablanca with the two leads always longing for each other but that night in Paris always getting in the way.

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