High and Low

High and Low ★★★★★

Akira Kurosawa Ranking

With five 5⭐️ films already,Akira is slowly but surely becoming a big favorite of mine.Alfred you might wanna start getting nervous again..

A social drama disguished as a crime thriller,High and Low is certainly one of Kurosawa's finest efforts.I haven't seen enough films of his to call it an oddity in his filmography but it certainly gives you a different feeling than everything else I've seen so far.It has a very fast pacing,the film's runtime flew right past me,and it's structured similarly to western crime thrillers.

In the first half,we are presented with a fascinating moral dillema with a rich man being asked to sacrifice his fortune to save a child's life from a kidnapper.What's intresting is that Kurosawa seperates the rich who are self-made to those who inherited their fortune instead of placing them all on the same bracket.Every scene is brilliantly constructed,especially the blocking,and it's just as exciting & intense as it is thought-provoking.

The second half is much more in line with a mystery film,only difference being that we know who the killer is.Still,while it doesn't quite reach the perfect standards of the first half,it still never tires the audience.One scene in particular,you'll know it when you see it,blew me away with how dark it was.The ending is also outstanding.

Kurosawa regular Toshirō Mifune plays a role very different to the samurais he usually embodies,yet he excels at it.The rest of the cast is also fantastic.

The sooner you accept who you are and what about you is unchangeable,the sooner you'll start appreciating life.Change is possible but a man's inner core can never change.That's what I got from the film

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