Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

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Recommended by: Tom & Oscar

Going into Mulholland Dr. I had no idea as to what to expect as I knew very little about it other than the fact that nearly all cinephiles I've ever spoken to seem to adore this movie.So my expectations were Massive but knowing that weird films are generally not my cup of tea,I feared I might not like this.Well,turns out my fears were unjustified,as this is a MASTERPIECE like no other!!

The atmosphere David Lynch created here is downright Insane and made the film a truly unique experience for me.I had almost No problems with this film(aside from maybe the opening 30 seconds*nitpick*)and nearly every single decision Lynch took,no matter how crazy,fully worked out for in his favor.He also perfectly balanced Humor,Fear & Emotion and made me feel many different in the 147 mins of runtime.

Even tho Laura Harring is pretty good here,for me,Naomi Watts not only carried the entire film but elevated it in many ways to the masterpiece it is regarded as today.I can't imagine any other actress playing her part as she absolutely nailed every friggin aspect of it.I already liked her a lot for 21 Grams or king kong but this turned her into one of my favorite actresses.

Mulholland Drive is basically the exact opposite of La La Land,whereas that film's protagonist aspires to be a succesful actress and is dreaming of seeing her name on the big screen,Mulholland Drive strips Holywood of all it's magic and tells us that the image of success in Holywood we have in our minds is nothing but a mere illusion.Lynch,inspired by Jennifer Syme's tragic death,tells us a story that is incredibly similar to her own and reveals the nightmare inside the big Holywood dream.Because the fact of the matter is,very few people actually manage to make their (La La Land-esque) dreams come true and join the "big leagues" of the acting world.The theater scene,easily my favorite scene of the entire film,perfectly shows that by having them both cry when they actually see the illusion.

Even on a spoiler-free review,I can't Not mention that Mesmerizing climax!It took me a bit longer than it should to realize what was happening but once I connected all the pieces of the puzzle together,the end result was indeed mind-blowing.

Overall Mulholland Drive is Enigmatic,Mysterious and above all else extremely captivating.It features a powerhouse performance in Naomi Watts and David Lynch manages to make every scene of the film even more captivating than the previous one.It's not only one of the greatest mystery thrillers of all time,it's also one of the Greatest films I've ever seen period.I can't wait to rewatch,there is so much to uncover here!
Extremely Recommended to anyone who hasn't it,you really have no idea on what you are missing out on!!

The Cowboy might be the greatest character in all of cinema,I still don't get his line tho.Why would he meet him twice if he made the wrong choice?..

Oh yeah also Recommended to death by: Alex , Alex , Alex & Alex

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