Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street ★★★★½

I actually went into this expecting a vampire movie...

Now this is what I call a great musical!
Quite Easily my favorite of the 4 Tim Burton films I've seen so far and the first one I genuinly love.Adapting Sweeney Todd was always going to be extremely difficult because of how bizarre of a concept it is and how shitty people the leads are,but Burton obviously had a lot of passion for this project,put a lot of effort into making it right and in my opinion,he 100 % succeded!The way he approached the story and how he mixed things that you wouldn't think would go well together,namely the musical genre and extreme violence,blew me away and this film finally made me appreciate the estemeed director.

This also helped me restore much of my lost love for Johnny Depp,it had certainly been a while since I saw a great performance of his and this just might be my all time favorite of his!He suits the role perfectly and acts the shit out of it.He also has a surprisingly great singing voice.Helena Bonham Carter has made me WoW in pretty much every film I've seen her at so far and she continues that tradition here.She too is pitch-perfect casting for the role and makes one Hell of a duo with Depp.

We All Deserve to die might just be my new favorite song in a musical ever!I have zero flaws with it and everything from Depp's and Carter's facial expressions,to the lyrics,to the amazing soundtrack,to the direction to the editing and to of course the singing is insanely good.Must've seen at least 30 times already.

I kind of understand(not really :P)why the film isn't regarded that highly,I'm guessing most of it have to do with people being grossed out by the concept,but still it totally worked for me.Honestly,my only problem with it is that Johanna and Anthony are not only hella one-dimensional but also poorly acted.I hated their "love at first sight" relationship and I everytime they were on screen,I just wished we would get back to Depp/Carter murdering people.Alan Rickman was solid,but I was slightly let down by his performance.

Overall,a fantastic & very underrated musical with a phenomenal performance from Johnny Depp.Would Definetely recommend it to anyone!
Need to see more Burton now,maybe Beetlejuice & Ed Wood?

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