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  • Dreams



    Kurosawa's Ōbayashi film. Brief vignettes and accounts of dreams, memories which are here, and then aren't. In Dreams, it's almost as if it's the first time I've seen Kurosawa this free; the work feels so fleshed out, so free from the control of studios and producers, and thus so genuine. Dreams plays out in an episodic manner, all of them somewhat incoherent, weird, and at first seemingly unrelated to each other, but as a whole they all add up to…

  • Goodbye, Dragon Inn

    Goodbye, Dragon Inn


    "Did you know this theatre is haunted?"

    Haunted. Stagnant, static shots. One of the hallway, one of the stairs; one of the cinema, one of the toilet. A door appears out of nowhere, almost like signifying a secret, hidden dimension, crossing paths between two worlds - one of reality, and one of cinema.


    What is cinema? Tsai Ming Liang seems to echo this question throughout all of his movies, but it's especially apparent in Goodbye, Dragon Inn. It's a…

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  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso


    Watched For Film Class

    The cinema. It's the place for joy, sorrow, and love. The cinema is the place for us to live our dreams in real time; there's no boundaries in that pitch black room with the screen, everything is up to us and our imagination. The cinema is a place that I haven't been able to go to often in recent times, but is a place that I cherish nonetheless. There's films like Goodbye, Dragon Inn and Labyrinth…

  • Grass



    Voyeuristic mayhem. Kim Min Hee in the corner, a spectator to the unfolding massacre; a massacre driven by emotion and dialogue, killing with only the mere words of the Korean language. Emotions are something we carry along with ourselves for our entire lives, and they ultimately are projected and affect the lives of others around us; they are the catalyst of love, death, fear, hate, sadness and the like. Grass shows you can either participate in the fight of emotion…

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  • Sonatine



    Beautiful film. There's a way in which Kitano's nihilistic worldview envelops the whole world, and yet in that little house by the beach in Okinawa, everything's fun - even if just for a short moment. It's transcendental cinema by way of Schrader - silence, coldness, and then the explosion. It's the way that things happen for absolutely no reason or the way that things just happen all by chance or accidentally; Kitano fully believes in the world of chance and wants to believe in it too, in a 90 minute anime beach episode of hell.

    [Takeshi Kitano - Ranked]

  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

    Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me


    Finally mustered up the courage to write something for this. In the past, David Lynch had always seemed like an interesting director to me, but not necessarily one that I was likely to love. It wasn't that I hated his work or him or as a person, but rather I definitely didn't think I would personally ever love his work. However, once the time came around for me to watch Twin Peaks, it all changed. Twin Peaks wasn't what I…