Zodiac ★★★★

Confusion, frustration, and bewilderment. This is what I felt while watching Zodiac.

Uncertainty and indecision loom over this film like a cloud, almost as if trapping the characters in. Zodiac is based on the true story of the Zodiac killer, and although any unsolved mystery is intriguing enough to warrant a certain amount to attention to - albeit for a limited amount of time - Zodiac is perhaps one of the best of its kind that I've seen so far. Although it clocks in at almost 3 hours, Zodiac is amazing at keeping the viewer engaged and captivated with the case that although the film did feel long, it almost never bored me.

This film reminded me a lot of Memories of Murder, which in my opinion is the best detective murder mystery film I've ever seen. The themes overlap greatly with each other, and whenever one is mentioned, it is expected to see the other be brought up in discussion. Both films are rather different in comparison in terms of content and location, but the themes of both mirror each other constantly. Both Bong and Fincher have very different ways of directing, but the themes of frustration and confusion are all the same, and maybe these themes are why I enjoy both films so much.

is essentially a film that never concludes. It continues to be open-ended, just like the real case. Open indefinitely, possibly never to be solved. The film lingers on after you've watched it, causing you to dwell on it more even after it ended. It is a film that thrills, overwhelms and even infuriates. And maybe that's why it works so well. My favourite Fincher so far.

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