Yorck Kinogruppe

Yorck Kinogruppe


With a network of 14 cinemas in Berlin, Yorck Kinogruppe is one of Europe's largest and oldest art house exhibitors.


Welcome back

Our cinemas are finally reopened as of July 1st, 2021. We're excited to welcome you back and eager to see what films you discover or rediscover in our cinemas.

Sustainability at Yorck: A Look Back, A Look Forward

No place on earth remains unaffected by climate change. Many films in our programming deal with the consequences for our planet and urge us to act. As art house cinemas, we have to consider our own environmental impact as well. In late 2019, a “sustainability task force” was formed to advance Yorck’s efforts in this field. We chat with Lucie Morvan, Yorck’s Head of Operations, and Marcel Danner, a member of the sustainability task force.

Good news at the end of 2020

Kino International has been an integral part of Berlin's cultural life and history for almost 60 years. Today, the cinema is listed as a "cultural monument of national importance."

Liked reviews

Komplette Kritik: daskulturblog.com/2021/07/16/nebenan-daniel-bruhl-film-kritik/

Was als Satire auf die Eitelkeiten der Filmbranche und ironischer Kommentar zu den 30 Jahren Gentrifizierung des Prenzlauer Bergs, den Alteingesessene wie Bruno nicht mehr wiedererkennen, wird zum tragikomischen Kammerspiel, das deutlich die Handschrift des österreichischen Bestseller- und diesmal Drehbuch-Autors Daniel Kehlmann trägt.

Auf engstem Raum werden die Angriffe von Bruno gegen Daniel immer persönlicher, der sehenswerte Schlagabtausch geht über mehrere Runden und bedient sich bei üblichen Motiven der Salon-Komödie und des gehobenen Unterhaltungstheaters.

Brühls Regie-Debüt ist…

Das Einzige was dem Regisseur Daniel Brühl bei seinem interessanten Debüt und kurzweiligen Kammerspiel misslingt, ist das Casting seiner Hauptfigur, eines Schauspielers mit dem Vornamen Daniel und der anschließende Umgang mit einem talentierten, aber hier enorm verkrampft agierendem Daniel Brühl.

The trouble with being born a cinephile is, that once in a while you end up watching a movie that disguises as a drama but ends up being almost a pure horror movie which creeps under your skin and you simply feel the pain of not being able to deal with it.

Endlich wieder Kino!

Starker Film, witzige und kafkaeske Dialoge, kraftvoller Tanz ohne ins Musikvideo abzugleiten, atmosphärisch, flirrend, sexy, wild und frei. Dazu noch clever, selbstverständlich.




that was the saddest Step Up sequel i've ever seen

Oh sure, but when I walk through the Trevi fountain I'm given a citation and have to pay a fine.

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita


Slight spoilers in the last paragraph.

Our modern malaise is all-encompassing self-pity. I went through it last year: what was the point of wanting things if you were never going to get them anyway? In the throes of my self-absorbed sorrow, I didn’t notice that I had no ambition to begin with. Finding something to care about got me out of that horrible dark place, but every day, I come across more people my age – kids who haven’t even…