Yorck Kinogruppe

With a network of 14 cinemas in Berlin, Yorck Kinogruppe is one of Europe's largest and oldest art house exhibitors.


Welcome back

Our cinemas are finally reopened as of July 1st, 2021. We're excited to welcome you back and eager to see what films you discover or rediscover in our cinemas.

Sustainability at Yorck: A Look Back, A Look Forward

No place on earth remains unaffected by climate change. Many films in our programming deal with the consequences for our planet and urge us to act. As art house cinemas, we have to consider our own environmental impact as well. In late 2019, a “sustainability task force” was formed to advance Yorck’s efforts in this field. We chat with Lucie Morvan, Yorck’s Head of Operations, and Marcel Danner, a member of the sustainability task force.

Good news at the end of 2020

Kino International has been an integral part of Berlin's cultural life and history for almost 60 years. Today, the cinema is listed as a "cultural monument of national importance."

Liked reviews




Titane is a terribly, terribly beautiful movie. I have rarely, or never, been so pushed to my limits by a film. I won't write about the plot or any details, because the less you know, the more you're blown away. All I'm going to say is that visually and score wise this is a Masterpiece and that I love Julia Ducournau, Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon. But I'm a little scared of them too.

The only multiverse movie this year needs.

Captured my attention and took my interest hostage. It's insanity at its best, nothing makes sense and everything does. A discovery around each corner. Silly while bold, visually breathtaking. As much empty as it appears meaningful as it is cliché as nothing really matters. All is full of love. It isn't.

First time I heard of Bavarian donuts and I looked it up and its just a bastardization of a Krapfen. This is so utterly humiliating and insulting 😡😡

a highly-stylized (duh) film adaptation of a 70’s issue of the New Yorker — but in France. in other words, it rocks.

Woovember 2021: Bonus film #1

There's a fight, a shoot-out and a car chase. I'm just gonna count this as an action movie.


I had this former classmate. He was black but passing and had this really prominent scar running from his left temple all across two thirds of his forehead. We were told that he was an orphan and lost his parents in a car crash. He was a bit of a loudmouth and just a bit crueler than we were usually at this age. (He once chased me down an incredibly steep stair with a lighter because he overheard that I…




Sometimes the most hurtful thing growing inside of you is the feeling of love, affection and acceptance. It can be scary and it can tear you apart, but once you let it grow the most beautiful things can develop.