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  • Looper



    Sometimes something happens to me when I absolutely love a film. At some point during my viewing I'll tear up because I'm so happy with what I'm seeing. I don't know if that happens to anyone else and it may be unique to me, but it happened with Looper when I saw it at the cinema and again here with this re-watch. It reaches me somehow on an emotional level and brings tears to my eyes because I'm so damn…

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  • Buffalo '66

    Buffalo '66


    The Ron Says: For those of you who have followed me for any length of time you've probably stumbled across my review of Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny.  Long story short I hate that fucking movie.  That said, it was never gonna stop me from checking out some of his other work.  So here we have Buffalo 66. I didn't hate it, but I really don't understand what others see in it.  The plot is absolutely preposterous, and while I liked…

  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    The Ron Says: Is it just me, or is the space travel inaccurate in this film?  Things seem to happen far too quickly, but maybe I'm just thinking of it compared to other films set in space.  Speaking of compared to other films, Ad Astra certainly borrows from several!  Most notably I'd say Apocalypse Now.  

    Technicality it's a very solid piece of work, and Brad Pitt is very good in the lead role.  The science just seemed flawed to me, and little effort was made to hide the obvious influence several better films with a similar plot had on it.

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  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    "Gentlemen, you had my curiousity. But now, you have my attention."
    Calvin Candie

    Quentin Tarantino has had my attention since the very first time I saw Pulp Fiction. It was the first film I ever saw where one of the first words that came to mind was masterpiece! It was my first Tarantino, I've seen everything he's directed since and I've been impressed every damn time. In my opinion he simply doesn't make bad films.

    So with everything I said…

  • The Brown Bunny

    The Brown Bunny


    "I will one day be thin, but Vincent Gallo will always be the director of The Brown Bunny". R. I. P. Roger Ebert.