Contagion ★★★★

The fact something like this could actually happen made me feel a bit uneasy. I'm not the type of person who worries about germs or constantly washer their hands, but as I said this could happen and director Steven Soderbergh does a an excellent job of giving this film that too real feel. It adds to the atmosphere and is bound to make anyone who does worry about these type of things a nervous wreck.

The cast is excellent and their performances felt very natural in their reactions to a situation like this. I don't think it's unfair to say that in the event of a contagion like this governments would try to cover it up and there would be widespread panic. That's all portrayed here and very well done. Contagion is the ultimate what if scenario that really gets you thinking.

Soderbergh's films are hit or miss for me, but Contagion is probably my current favorite followed closely by Traffic and the recent Side Effects. I definitely recommend this film, but if you freak out easy when it comes to germs/viruses and that type of thing it will be a tough watch.

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