Django Unchained ★★★★★

"Gentlemen, you had my curiousity. But now, you have my attention."
Calvin Candie

Quentin Tarantino has had my attention since the very first time I saw Pulp Fiction. It was the first film I ever saw where one of the first words that came to mind was masterpiece! It was my first Tarantino, I've seen everything he's directed since and I've been impressed every damn time. In my opinion he simply doesn't make bad films.

So with everything I said in the above paragraph in mind, I went into Django Unchained with very high expectations.

HOLY SHIT! Tarantino not only meets my high expectations of him but he far exceeds them. Simply put he has created another masterpiece that will sit a top his filmography with the likes of Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and the Kill Bill films. It has all of the QT style we've come to expect, with bucket loads of blood soaked fun.

The story is a simple revenge tale, but it pops on the screen due to the terrific performances of the entire cast. Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio are standouts, but don't take that the wrong way because Jamie Foxx definitely holds his own. The simple story of revenge is so damn good here because it's one of those things the majority of us wish was a true story. It's similar to Inglorious Basterds in that way. You can't help but cheer the actions of Django (Foxx) and Dr. King Schultz (Waltz) here.

One of the other things that makes this film so damn good and is a staple in Tarantino films is the humor. It's funny in that fucked up kind of way that's kind of become a Tarantino trademark. I spent a good portion of this film, laughing, saying holy shit, what the fuck, and damn that's badass, all things I love to feel while watching a movie.

I also wanna mention Samuel L. Jackson's performance. All the awards talk will be for Waltz and DiCaprio I'm sure, but Jackson gives a special performance and trust me you'll know what I mean when you see it. It leads to one of my favorite endings ever in a film.

Overall I just fucking loved the hell out of this film. Being the twisted fuck I am this was a perfect Christmas Day trip to the cinema and best of all I saw it for free due to my wife's employment at AMC theaters. If you're a QT fan go see it asap, and if you're not or you're unsure go see it anyway it's fucking BADASS!

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