Dredd ★★★★

Hell Yeah! This film gave me exactly what I expected, epic levels of bad-assery.

Just like everyone else I've read the comparisons to The Raid: Redemption, and after seeing Dredd those comparisons are fair. While I really enjoyed both, I think I liked Dredd just a little more or it could be it's just fresher in my memory. Either way this film is bad-ass! There's very little plot, but it's the type of film that doesn't need one. The story is good enough and you get what you expect which is awesome action. You never see Dredd's face which from what I understand pleases the comic book fans. It was fine by me and fit the character. Other than that there's not much to say. It's a blast literally and great fun. I really hope it gets a sequel because I'd happily be back for more.

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