Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★

No I haven't read the books, and back when this film was released I had no desire to see it. I was a bit of a dick back then, and I wrote it off as something for nerds and not for me.

Now it's 2013 the whole series has seen it's day at the cinema, and the inner nerd that can be found in all of us told me I should give these films a shot. Ok maybe it wasn't my inner nerd maybe it was just my wife either way I'm a lot more open minded about film than I was back then so last night I sat down with the wife and kids and watched Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone on blu.

First thing I'll talk about is a worry I had going in. You see its always a worry for me when the main characters are children in a film. Child performances are tough to get right and can be very annoying if the kids cast can't pull it off. Luckily here that's not much of an issue. There are some minor annoyances and kids I'd like to punch in the face, but overall they're fine and I hear they get better as they get older. The first Daniel Radcliffe film I saw was The Woman in Black so seeing him here so young was a bit crazy, but he's good in this role.

As for the story itself it's not necessarily my first choice for genre, but I love stuff like Game of Thrones and fantasy RPG'S like Skyrim so worlds with wizards, magic, and other fantasy staples are fine. I found it interesting enough and I definitely wanna see how everything evolves and plays out in the later films. I think my biggest gripe would come in the CGI department. I know it's the first film and it came out in 2001, but the CGI is just plain bad in spots. None of it was seamless and much of it looked ridiculous. When CGI is bad it can take you out of the story, and it definitely did here and hurt the experience for me some. It didn't ruin the whole thing but it definitely hurt.

Overall though I found my trip to Hogwarts enjoyable enough to proceed with the rest of the series. If it gets better like I've heard I think I'll be satisfied by the end. I'm particularly interested in the Alfonso Cuaron directed third film since he directed a personal favorite of mine Children of Men. That's all for now I'll be seeing Mr. Potter again very soon.

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