Newtown ★★★½

As the credits rolled for Newtown I started thinking about what I'd write in my review.  Part of me wanted to go on a long rant about gun violence and the need for stricter gun laws, but what else is there to say?  People who WANT to own AR 15's and other military style assault weapons know.  They may scratch and claw arguing the 2nd Amendment and their right to bare arms, but they know.  Somewhere inside they know that they're putting the fact they simply like guns and WANT them over the lives of victims of gun violence.  20 children (ages 6-7) and 6 adults were killed with a legally purchased AR-15 assault rifle.  A weapon that only exists to kill human beings, and as the parents of those 20 children know, it works.  It ripped the tiny bodies of their children to shreds.  Simply put, if you're pissing and moaning about your right to own these types of weapons, you're putting that right above people's right to live... over those kids right to live.

That kinda was a rant wasn't it?  Sorry!

The Ron Says: See it.  Have tissues handy.

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